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    Shooting mat

    A good shooting mat will keep you dry and provide a non-slippery surface to shoot from as well as haul your gear to and from the shooting range. We were unable to achieve this within a reasonable weight, so we compromised.

    New product.

    The key features in our shooting mat are to be:

    • Reasonably dry and non-slippery surface to shoot from.
    • Pack your admin gear for a secure haul.
    • Lightweight and compatible with backpacks.

    This mat is a compromise between comfort and transportability. Only key points are padded, the rest of the mat offers only chafe/ wear protection for your expensive waterproof shell clothing. This is not a waterproof mat, allthough a new mat will be very water resistant until the bottom coating wears off. Built for a no-fuzz fold into a compact package. 

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