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    THLR Concept Reticle

    Every longrange shooter have an opinion on scope reticles, so do we. Human physiology have limitiations. Seeing the world through a scope gives you a 2D presentation of a 3D world. If you shoot for a living you often work inside a very limited timeframe where perception, interpretation and decisionmaking must be done before the shooting. This is not the most error-free environment and possibly a follow-up will be needed to correct your shot. We hope our reticle will support those decisions and provide necessary support needed for a hit.

    In production!

    The key features of our reticle design:

    • Clean "working space" for observation and shooting.
    • Reticle works through the entire range of scope magnification.
    • Support escalation from emergency response to deliberate shooting and back.
    • Reticle light useful in all light conditions.
    • Easy to interpret MRAD presentation, fully compatible with what can be considered the industry standard.
    • Better support for moving targets.
    • Support and redundancy for fast and deliberate range-estimation.
    • Support for moving vehicles.

    Registered design.